Meet the Team


Dr. Joey Lee

Dr. Joey J. Lee is a Research Assistant Professor of Technology and Education at Columbia University, where he has taught for over seven years. He received his PhD in Information Sciences and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. He designs, develops and studies games and game-like experiences for education and social impact. His projects explore how interactive media can play a role in supporting ethnic minority identity, bridging cultures, and raising awareness of important challenges such as climate change.

Jonathan Ng

As a former Teach for America World History teacher in NYC, Jonathan’s mission is to bridge design principles with the world of education. He worked as a co-founder and animator for the ed-tech start-up Civic Games and developed games within the classroom at the Quest 2 Learn School and Institute of Play. Jonathan’s additional design work is found in CARFAX Banking & Insurance Group, Student Dream start-up for entrepreneurs, and Teachers College at Columbia University.

Allen Rabinovich

Allen is a Master’s student at Columbia’s Teachers College, studying education technology and media. He founded ScholarStem, which brings coding and game design instruction to after-school programs in New York City. His mission is to empower middle schools to administer meaningful CS curricula. More information about his work can be found at

Jason Wu

Jason Wu is a doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Science Education. His research focuses on the science education of English language learner and has a background in cognition, bilingual cognition, and language learning.

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